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Hi guys Fred kitchen with Henson and kitchen mortuary want to say thank you to all of you who provided all the comments that we've seen online regarding our last couple episodes of the four one one and also want to say thank you to those who are sharing this video online that is how we get the information out there in the hands of people and that's what this is all about is is empowering you to be able to have information to make better decisions in our lives so today we want to take a few minutes here and talk about a document that we make available this document is completely free and we can even notarize this document once you have it all ready to to get filled out everything we can notarize it for you make it a legal document for you also the document we want to talk about the document we want to talk about is the living will and medical power of attorney document called five wishes document okay the five wishes document breaks things down into five steps which number one is the person that we designate to be our person that's going to make those healthcare decisions for us when we can't do that okay that's the first thing that we're going to talk about in this the second thing that we're going to talk about is the kind of medical treatment that we desire okay whether we want to be resuscitated do-not-resuscitate things like that so we're going to get into those type of things the third wish in this document is how comfortable that you want to be okay so there's going to be some things in here that's going to talk about how comfortable you want to be when you find out that you're unable to make those decisions for you and someone's going to do that so you're kind of going to be specifying this in advance number four which number four is how I want to be treated and we're gonna go into some detail and all this as to how we want to be treated also during this also want to talk a little bit about what we want our loved ones to know this is a time we may be facing our-our death and we want to make sure that we are able to say some things to our loved ones to let them know some things that maybe we haven't not had an opportunity to share with them so far in life or maybe it was uncomfortable to discuss this is an opportunity for this to be in writing here and then at the very end of it there's a place here that you can complete that sign it it would need to be witnessed and then we would notarize that for you make those copies for you free of charge and that right there you would have a living will a medical power of attorney that also has some things that's involved in it that it reflects us personally our personal wishes so wanted to take a couple minutes today and talk a little bit about the five wishes document we have given out literally thousands several thousand of these since we have been offering this document for three or four years now and so we wanted to continue to make it available to you and talk to you about it today on the 401...